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We specialise in manufacturing on demand and 3D printing. Utilising powder bed fusion technologies like direct metal laser melting and selective laser melting in metal 3D printing and selective laser sintering for biocompatible plastics, we deliver ISO:9001 certified quality metal parts and plastic products to all industries including:

Titanium metal 3D printing surgical guide


3D printed metal parts of surgical guides and implants are the future of patient-specific devices

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Metal 3D printing is the solution to optimised cost, weight and performance aerodynamics

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metal 3d printing dental implants


3D printed metal parts of bridges, crowns and abutments in titanium are the preferred choice in implants

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3d printed heat exchanger

Heat exchangers

Complex lattice stuctures to maximise surface area and minimise weight for efficient thermal energy transfer

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About Additive Engineering

Additive Engineering is an ISO9001:2015 certified advanced manufacturing facility.

Each member of the Additive Engineering team has been delivering customised 3D printed products and repeatable metal 3D printing / additive manufacturing parts to industry for 10 to15 years. 

Metal AM is not all we do. Additive Engineering 3D prints in plastics too, have extensive experience in CNC machining and injection moulding, we dedicate our passion in metal 3d printing technology to understanding material mechanical properties. We live and breathe metal 3D printers and 3D metal printing (with safety masks on) so you can be assured our recommended material and manufacturing process is best for your part.

With metal 3D printer experience ranging from Concept Laser, 3D Systems, Desktop metal printers, HP metal jet and Markforged metal X, technologies (laser metal deposition, direct metal laser sintering, electron beam melting) and powder materials including precious metals, titanium and stainless steel, the team has an in depth knowledge of metal additive manufacturing, metal powder handling and how to best manufacture complex metal parts. We can explain why parts made with metal filament technologies are not comparable in mechanical properties to the process of laser completely melting powdered metal. To learn more about 3D printing materials or help with mishaps, call us.

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Quality, 3d printed biocompatible titanium surgical guides, customised to the person.M. IkoReally high quality parts for my order. Would recommend.J.Tot5 stars printing serviceT. CouchThe titanium parts turned out very well, thank you!M. SmithThanks for the prompt response, they look great! 40g to 15g is a significant advantage.M. Wood75% weight saved in one part, and we have two per machinery. Cool!G. New